Water & Wastewater

Public Works provides water and wastewater services for residential and commercial customers. The City of Kennedale is dedicated to the provision of safe, potable drinking water that meets or exceeds all state water quality regulations. For more information, please view the Annual Water Quality Report.

Where do we get our drinking water?
The City of Kennedale’s water during 2016 consisted of 85% ground and 15% surface water. Kennedale has five wells that pull groundwater from the Trinity aquifer. We also purchase treated surface water from the City of Fort Worth that they obtain from Lake Bridgeport, Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, Benbrook Lake, Cedar Creek Reservoir and Richland Chambers Reservoir. In the 2016 water loss audit, our system water loss was 10%. Water losses for utilities across the USA average 16%. Water loss below 10% is considered excellent.

The majority Kennedale's wastewater (sanitary sewer) flows through the City of Arlington’s system to the Trinity River Authority treatment plant in Irving. Some waste on the north end of Kennedale flows to Fort Worth's Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

Duties & Responsibilities

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