Register to Vote

Qualifications & Requirements for Voting in Texas
Texas voter registration takes place at the county level and you may register to vote at any time. In order to vote in a Texas election you must meet the following qualifications:
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a resident of the county
  • Be 18 years old (you may register at 17 years and 10 months)
  • Not a convicted felon (unless a person's sentence is completed, including any probation or parole)
  • Not declared mentally incapacitated by a court of law
Registration Applications
Voter Registration Applications can be found at the following locations:
Registration applications must be received in the Tarrant County Voter Registrar's Office or be postmarked 30 days before an election for you to be eligible to vote in that election.

Registration Confirmation
In order to find out if you are already registered or to confirm your voter registration status, you may select one of three methods to perform a search:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your Texas driver's license number, if you provided it when you applied for voter registration
  • Your Voter Unique Identifier (VUID), which appears on your voter registration certificate