Keep Texas Beautiful's (KTB) mission is to educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment. Efforts are focused in three major areas: litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction.

Keep Kennedale Beautiful (KKB) is a volunteer organization with a very active board (apply). If you'd like to be notified of upcoming volunteer efforts, please email staff liaison Kelly Cooper or call 817-985-2106.

Environmentally Friendly Holiday Shopping 

Environmentally friendly behavior starts with buying decisions. Shopping online is an increasingly popular option, considered by many to be a greener alternative since goods are often stored in and shipped from one central location, reducing fuel consumption. Online shopping can also reduce emissions caused by driving from one store to another. 

You can also be thoughtful and make sustainable decisions about the items that you buy. Look for electronics and appliances that use less energy by checking for the ENERGY STAR® mark. ENERGY STAR certified products use less energy than standard models, saving you money on your utility bill while helping to protect the environment. There are also new “smart” products on the market that can help you both make your life easier and save energy such as connected LED light bulbs and smart thermostats.

Another eco-label to look for is EPEAT. EPEAT-registered products are rated on more than 50 environmental performance criteria regarding design, production, energy use, product longevity and recyclability – with ongoing, independent verification of manufacturer claims.

You can also reduce waste by using rechargeable batteries in the electronics you purchase. When buying toys, look for those made from long-lasting and natural materials. While it isn’t always a feasible option, consider toys that can be recycled. Finally, you can always shop greener by bringing along your reusable bags.

Check out these links for more helpful hints on eco-friendly shopping:

Butterfly Garden Locations

Through the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Mayors' Monarch Pledge, cities are committing to create habitats and educate citizens about how they can help preserve these butterflies. Keep Kennedale Beautiful (KKB) and Mayor Brian Johnson are proud participants in the NWF Mayor's Monarch Pledge, which included issuing vouchers to residents to purchase milkweed and other nectar-producing plants. Thank you to Stegall's Nursery for their generous support of this program, which resulted in 29 new butterfly garden in the City of Kennedale! Click anywhere on the map below to go to an interactive version.

KKB Butterfly Map

KKB Adopt-a-spot.jpg

Commission Responsibilities

KKB engages residents and businesses to take greater responsibility for improving the community’s appearance and environment. They also develop and coordinate beautification-related programming, outreach, and events, and serve as the Tree Advisory Board and the Tree City USA liaison. Find out more about serving on a city board.



Free Curbside Recycling of Clothing and Home Goods

It’s estimated that 85% of all clothing ends up in landfills, with only 15% being recycled or donated.Simple Recycling’s goal is to keep millions of pounds of clothing from going to waste. This nationwide program provides residents a convenient way to recycle items that they might normally throw away.

Keep Kennedale Beautiful (KKB) and the City of Kennedale are proud to be the first city in Tarrant County to offer Simple Recycling, a curbside collection program for unwanted clothing and home goods. Service is provided at no cost to residents or the city. To participate, simply place your special green Simple Recycling bags curbside next to your recycling and trash bins (not inside) on Wednesdays and your items will be picked up by a dedicated truck.

Almost half of what is picked up is re-purposed for second-hand consumer use, 30% is converted into cleaning rags and other textiles, and 20% is recycled into post-consumer fiber used in home insulation, carpet padding, and the automotive industry. Only 5% ends up as waste. For more information or to request additional bags, please visit www.SimpleRecycling.com or stop by the City Manager's Office in City Hall (405 Municipal Drive).

Our first pick-up on Wednesday, February 24, 2016, was a huge success with more than 500 pounds of items collected to be repurposed instead of ending up in a landfill. If your donation was not picked up or you have questions about the program, you can call Simple Recycling at 866-835-5068 or contact Kelly Cooper at kcooper@cityofkennedale.com or 817-985-2106.

Simple Recycling Info
Simple Recycling Información

Board Members

Place Name Term End
1 Cesar Guerra 2017
2 Darlene Winters 2018
3 Vinita Thomas 2017
4 Michael Chandler, Chair 2018
5 Wilda Turner 2017
6 Dora Ann Markle 2018
7 Vickie Chandler, Secretary 2017
8 Laurie Sanders 2018
9 Fred Winters, Vice Chair 2017
Take Care of Texas

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