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View the City of Kennedale's full Schedule of Fees 

Water & Sewer Rates
Download a PDF of water and sewer rates. The rates adopted by City Council on September 20 will be reflected on bills dated November 28 (due December 19). 
Note: Each March, your bill reflects a new sewer average based on your individual usage for the three-month period from the November meter read to the February meter read.

Storm Water Utility Rates

(Effective October 2014)
Type Of Unit Amount Per Month
Residential $3.50
Religious Organization $3.50
Non-Residential $0.00126/sqft ($1.26/1,000 sqft) of impervious area*
*Impervious surfaces do not absorb water (i.e., roofs, pavement, sidewalks, patios, and gravel or crushed stone surfaces).

Leak Adjustments

If an unusually large volume of water is charged to your utility bill due to a leak, you may request an adjustment once the leak is repaired. Complete the Leak Adjustment Request Form, and deliver it to the Utility Billing Department in City Hall (405 Municipal Drive) or mail/fax it to the address/number provided on the form. Adjustment requests will not be accepted via any other method. When faxing the form, it is recommended that you call to verify the request has been received and approved. Forms must be received within 90 (ninety) days of the completed repairs. For further details, please contact our department.

Construction, Fire Hydrant, Gas Well, & Building Meters

Please contact Utility Billing Administrator Stephenie Clardy at 817-985-2122 or sclardy@cityofkennedale.com. Read more about establishing new service.


The city does not offer tax exemptions on utility bills. Low-income senior households or permanently disabled customers may be eligible for discounted rates. To apply for a discount on the residential water and sewer portion of your City of Kennedale utility bill, you must fall into one of the categories below. Please call 817-985-2120 or 1-855-203-1318 or complete a 
Credit Affidavit Form and mail/fax it to the address/number provided on the form. Should a qualified recipient pass away, the surviving spouse will continue to receive the discount until the end of the fiscal year (September 30th). Please be aware that if, at any time, any information within the Credit Affidavit Form is found to be false, the applicant shall be required to reimburse the City of Kennedale for all wrongfully received discounts.

View Ordinance 521 (PDF), which put this discount into place in 2013. 

Senior Citizen 

  • Must be 60 years of age and older;
  • Must reside on property located within the corporate city limits of the City of Kennedale;
  • Must present proof of residency; valid driver license or state issued identification card, and a current electric bill; and
  • Must provide proof of annual household income not to exceed $32,000 by submitting a federal income tax return and/or benefit letter from the Social Security Administration.


  • Disability must be verifiable by the Tarrant Appraisal District, Social Security Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs;
  • Must reside on property located within the corporate city limits of the City of Kennedale; and
  • Must present proof of residency; valid driver license or state-issued identification card, and a current electric bill.

Service Line Warranties of America

The city is responsible for maintaining the water and wastewater lines between our facilities and customers' meters. Customers are responsible for maintenance and repair costs between the meter and their homes (and also within their homes). Kennedale residents have the option to purchase voluntary insurance from SLWOA that covers the portion of the water lines running between the meter and the house. If you're interested in this additional protection or if you already subscribe to this service and would like to file a claim, please visit www.slwofa.com or call 1-866-922-9006.

Collection Agency

Closed accounts with outstanding final balances are sent to Valley Collection Services for final collections. Once an account status has been changed to "Collection Agency", the customer must make payment to VCS online or by calling 1-632-931-4325.