Transparent Government

Keystones of Open Government             
  • Recognition of the public's right to know
  • Proactive publication of information
  • Clear standards of behavior
  • Limiting conflicts of interest
  • Approachability and active collaboration
  • Clear and comprehensive information
The City of Kennedale strives to:
  • Open our records to the public;
  • Provide clear, consistent pictures of our spending; and
  • Share information in user-friendly formats.
Residents fund our local government through their tax dollars, and therefore deserve to know how the money is spent. 

Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Program was launched in December 2009 to recognize local governments that hold themselves to a higher standard for financial transparency.

Financial transparency is a keystone to building trust and cooperation between city leadership and residents. The City of Kennedale received its first award in November 2012, and most recently earned a Platinum Award in June 2015. This designation is valid for one year.