Taxes & Rates

Property Tax

2017 Property Tax Rates
City of Kennedale $0.777500
Kennedale ISD $1.480000
Tarrant County $0.244000
Tarrant County College $0.140060
Tarrant County Hospital $0.224429
TOTAL RATE $2.865989

Note: All taxes are per $100 of taxable value. For property tax rates in other jurisdictions, refer to the Tarrant County Appraisal District.


2017 City of Kennedale Exemptions
Abatements Yes
Disabled Person (DP) $50,000
Freeport Yes
Freeze / Ceiling N/A
Goods In Transit (GIT) N/A
Homestead N/A
Over-65 (O65) $50,000

Note: This chart depicts local option exemptions only. Disabled person (DP) is not the same as the state-mandated disabled veteran exemption. For additional information concerning various and other types of exemptions available, refer to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Applications for exemptions and deferrals may be found through the Tarrant County Appraisal District.

Did you Know?
In the State of Texas, about 16% of property taxes go to cities.
[Source: TML; Texas Comptroller, Biennial Property Tax report for 2012 and 2013.]
Combined Tax Assessment Distribution