Census 2020 #KennedaleCounts

The Census is much more than just a headcount. It helps determine:

  • where to build new schools, hospitals, and businesses;
  • how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed; and
  • how Congressional seats are apportioned. 

Help shape the future of Kennedale. Make sure you’re counted!

The Census is mandated by the Constitution and is a colossal effort that provides data for government representation, redistricting, and potential funding for vital programs such as education, transportation, employment, and health care.

Every ten years, the United States Census Bureau conducts a nationwide headcount to find out how many people are living in each city and state as well as the nation as a whole. These statistics are used for countless reasons:

  • Communities use Census numbers for transportation planning, drawing of school district boundaries, and development of public services.
  • Businesses use it when deciding what to sell in stores or where to build new stores, offices, or plants – which create jobs and strengthen the local economy.
  • The Federal government uses Census information when deciding how to distribute funding.

School lunches. Plans for highways. Support for first responders and families in need. Census results affect your community every single day.

That’s right. In addition to determining how many Congressional seats each state gets, the results of the Census also help determine how billions of dollars in Federal funding will be distributed throughout states and communities each year.

Your first chance to make sure you’re counted will be in mid-March when homes in Kennedale and all across the nation will receive an invitation to complete the 2020 Census. Making sure that you and your household are counted for Kennedale is easier than ever because – for the first time ever – you can respond by phone, mail, or online

Beginning in April, you may see Census field workers around town. If your household has not responded by the end of May, Census takers will begin knocking on doors in an effort to make sure everyone is counted.


  • March 12–20: Invitations are mailed with information about responding by phone, by mail, or — for the first time ever — online.
  • March 16–24: If you haven’t responded, a reminder letter is mailed.
  • March 26–April 3: If you haven’t responded, a reminder postcard is mailed.
  • April 1, 2020 is Census Day, which simply means that, when responding you will include everyone living in your home on April 1, 2020. You don’t have to wait until this date to complete the Census. You can respond as soon as you receive your invitation.
  • April 8–16: If you haven’t responded, a reminder letter and paper questionnaire are sent.
  • April 20–27: If you haven’t responded, a final reminder postcard is sent before a Census Bureau employee will follow up in-person by knocking on your door.
  • Depending upon the number of responses received, Census workers could be in neighborhoods as late as July.