Elections (Elecciones)

Election Information

  • Council Places 1, 3, and 5 are elected in May of odd-numbered years; the Mayor and Council Places 2 and 4  in May of even-numbered years
  • The polling place for City of Kennedale Elections is the Community Center in the Kennedale Public Library (316 W 3rd Street, Kennedale, TX 76060). 
  • The City Secretary's Office is responsible for overseeing municipal elections including serving as the contract administrator for election services through Tarrant County Elections, receiving all required candidate filings (including campaign finance reports), and conducting a drawing for the order in which names will appear on the ballot.

At the May 4, 2019 Election, voters approved three amendments to the Charter, which are currently being codified.  When that process is complete, the updated Charter will be published online.

PROPOSITION A – Vacancies for Three Year Terms
Shall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to delete Section 3.06(a)(1) regarding filling vacancies for three (3) year terms as unnecessary, because the charter only provides for two (2) year terms?

PROPOSITION B – Indebtedness
Shall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to revise Section 6.05 regarding the issuance of indebtedness by retaining the first sentence thereof (which authorizes the City to issue all forms of indebtedness permitted by state law), retaining the existing additional authority to enter into short term borrowings (less than one year), and deleting all other provisions thereof since they are otherwise provided by state law?

PROPOSITION C – Initiative, Referendum and Recall
Shall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to revise Article XI by increasing the signature requirements for initiative, referendum and recall to thirty percent (30%) of the votes cast in the last regular election but not less than five hundred (500) by amending Section 11.01; and to allow for a public hearing prior to calling a recall election by amending Section 11.03?

Governance Model

As a home rule city, Kennedale enjoys the full power of local self-government (Local Government Code, §51.072). The governmental structure and division of power are established in the City's Home Rule Charter, which was written in 1997 and adopted by election on January 17, 1998. It has been amended once (in May 2016).

governance model