TDD: TownCenter Development District

The Town Center Development District (TDD) functions as the oversight board for the Kennedale Municipal Management District (MMD) created in 2009 by the Texas State Legislature to assist in the development of the Kennedale TownCenter. The terms MMD and TDD are used interchangeably.

  • Five (5) regular members
  • Membership on this board is based on membership on other boards as follows:
    • Place 1, Chair: Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President
    • Place 2: Member of the EDC Board
    • Place 3, Vice Chair: Mayor
    • Place 4: Member of the City Council
    • Place 5: Member of the City Council
  • One (1) Chair, filled by the EDC President
  • One (1) Vice Chair, filled by the Mayor
  • Meets at least one (1) time per year
  • Requires a quorum of three (3) members to take action
MemberPlaceTerm End
EDC President Mark Yeary, ChairPlace 12023
Jerod ReevesPlace 22022
Mayor Jan JoplinPlace 32023
Councilmember Kenneth MichelsPlace 42022
Councilmember Austin DegenhartPlace 52023