Court Decorum

Effective 08/01/2022 No bags of any kind will be allowed in the court room.

Dress Code

This dress code is strictly enforced. The defendant will be asked to leave the court and return in proper attire if not in compliance with this code.

Clothing should be consistent with the seriousness and dignity of the judicial process. It should be constructed and worn in such a manner that it is not unduly revealing or offensive.

The following clothing will not be permitted in the courtroom:

  • Shorts and hats.
  • Excessive tattoos and body piercings, unless they are covered.
  • Anything that is obviously dirty, torn, ripped, cut or mutilated.
  • Anything containing words, pictures or symbols that are obscene, profane, sexually suggestive or related to drugs or gangs.
  • Halter tops, tank tops, see-through tops, bare-midriff tops, tops with open backs, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps.
  • Swim wear, bathing suits, lingerie or pajamas.
  • Pants that allow undergarments or bare skin to show, such as low cut hip-huggers and loose fitting pants that expose boxer shorts.
  • Effective 08/01/2022 No bags of any kind will be allowed in the court room.