KPD Mask and Glove Utilization in Response to COVID-19

Officers and civilian employees interacting with the public will continue to wear masks, goggles, and/or protective gloves.

Other steps KPD is taking to protect our officers and the public include:
  • We have sectioned off an area in front of the lobby service window to allow for the 6-feet of social distance.
  • We continue to screen calls through dispatch and to encourage telephone reporting of non-violent crimes when appropriate.
  • When an officer responds to a residence or business, they may ask to take the report outside of the structure.
  • Our officers are instructed to follow CDC guidelines regarding frequent hand washing, social distancing, and temperature monitoring.
  • We have protocols in place to guide employees if they should develop a fever or other symptoms during their shift.
  • Vehicles are cleaned with disinfecting wipes multiple times each day and with a disinfecting mist weekly.
As a reminder, anytime you wish to speak with an officer or report a non-emergency incident (including animal control issues), please call dispatch at 817-478-5416. This call may be answered as if you had called 9-1-1. Please do not hang up.

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Duties & Responsibilities

Police Kennedale, Est. 1882

Chief Tommy Williams and Captain Darrell Hull Accept TPCA Re-Recognition in 2016

Chief Tommy Williams and Captain Darrell Hull Accept TPCA Re-Recognition in 2016

The Kennedale Police Department, an officially Recognized Department by the Texas Police Chiefs Association, is committed to providing for the safety of our residents in all law enforcement capacities. Crime prevention and the well-being of residents are our top priorities. We are dedicated to creating a high quality of life for all citizens, business owners, and visitors; and strive for service delivery that meets or exceeds the criteria of our mission statement and core values.

Common Scams that Target Senior Citizens

 Mansfield/Kennedale Emergency Communications Center

In 2013 Kennedale and Mansfield combined resources to create south Tarrant County's first regional dispatch center.

The Mansfield/Kennedale Emergency Communications Center is staffed with six radio dispatch stations with capability for future expansion. While staffing numbers vary according to shifts, there is always an adequate number of personnel on duty to handle major events as well handle other traffic and to provide relief to other employees.

Contact numbers for dispatch remain the same. For all emergencies, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency calls, or to have and officer contact you to answer a question, call 817-478-5416. Please do not call the 817-985-2160 number for an officer to respond to a problem. That number, and the attached phone tree, is for administrative calls only.

Another advantage of this merger was to allow Kennedale to cease operations of its jail facility. The city now utilizes Mansfield's jail, which has a full-time staff of jailers, city marshals, and medical personnel, and a full-time bond desk. Prisoners are monitored constantly and have access to resources that the Kennedale jail was too small to provide.

In addition, It took on average one hour or more to process an arrest when Kennedale operated its own jail, which did not have a jail staff. All arrest paperwork duties were handled by the arresting officer. At the Mansfield facility – with its full-time staff – it takes less than half that, which means more time on patrol for Kennedale officers and better protection for our citizens.