Per the City's Charter, the City of Kennedale's fiscal year (FY) begins on the first day of October and ends on the last day of the following September. On or before the fifteenth day of August each year, the City Manager shall submit to the City Council a balanced budget for the ensuing fiscal year to meet the goals and objectives of the City Council and provide a budget message.

The Council shall adopt the proposed budget — with or without amendment — after any required public hearing(s) and before the first day of the ensuing fiscal year. During the fiscal year, the Council shall have the authority to make budget adjustments for expenditures that could not, by reasonable thought and attention, have been included in the original budget.

Proposed and adopted budgets are filed with the City Secretary's Office as well as any amendments. Recent years' budgets are linked below.


Fiscal Year (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30)ADOPTED
2023 to 2024
FY 24 (PDF)
2022 to 2023
FY23 (PDF)
2021 to 2022FY22 (PDF)
2020 to 2021FY21 (PDF)
2019 to 2020FY20 (PDF)
2018 to 2019FY19* (PDF)
*The FY19 Budget was amended in April 2019, via Ordinance 659 (PDF).
2017 to 2018FY18 (PDF)
2016 to 2017FY17 (PDF)
2015 to 2016FY16 (PDF)
2014 to 2015FY15 (PDF)
2013 to 2014FY14 (PDF)
2012 to 2013FY13 (PDF)
2011 to 2012FY12 (PDF)
2010 to 2011FY11 (PDF)