Development Review Committee


The term "DRC" stands for the "Development Review Committee" of the City of Kennedale. The purpose of the DRC is to assist citizens and developers with their developments and to advise them on City policies and regulations. The committee is made up of representatives from the following municipal departments:

  • Planning 
  • Engineering 
  • Fire Department
  • Building Inspection
  • Public Works
  • Police Department

The comments provided by Staff at DRC meetings are informational only and DO NOT confer approval of any plan or project. Additional comments related to your project will be provided upon review of a formal development application. A meeting with the DRC is not intended as a substitute for reading and applying the appropriate City development codes and ordinances to your project.

DRC Meeting Request

  1. Request to Meet with the Development Review Committee (DRC)

    Use this form to request a meeting with staff regarding a proposed development in the City of Kennedale. DRC meetings are typically held every Tuesday. Please understand that the available appointments fill quickly and that submission of this form is not a guarantee of any specific meeting date. Staff will reach out to coordinate a time with you and provide virtual access information.

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  4. e.g., single-family neighborhood, multi-family,  townhomes, commercial pad sites, etc.

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  6. Please provide any existing drawings, plans, or other information that will help the committee prepare for the meeting.  A sketch/concept plan, at minimum, is required. 

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