Pre-Application Conference

The City of Kennedale always encourages applicants to speak with staff prior to making their official submittal.  Doing so helps ensure all parties understand the submittal requirements and processes for various applications. Please complete the request form below and a staff member will reach out to coordinate a meeting date.  PAC meetings are held on Tuesday and requests should be submitted the Friday before.  

Pre-Application Conference (PAC)

  1. Request a Pre-Application Conference

    Use this form to request a meeting with staff regarding a proposed development in the City of Kennedale. PAC meetings are typically held every Tuesday. Please understand that the available appointments fill quickly and that submission of this form is not a guarantee of any specific meeting date. Staff will reach out to coordinate a time with you and provide virtual access information.

  2. Provide the email to which we should send meeting information including virtual access options.

  3. If unknown, please list the TAD identification number.  This can be found by locating the parcel listing on the Tarrant Appraisal District's website and GIS Interactive Map. Visit for more information. 

  4. e.g., single-family neighborhood, multi-family,  townhomes, commercial pad sites, etc.

  5. Please include any additional information or specific questions here.

  6. Please provide any existing drawings, plans, or other information that will help the committee prepare for the meeting.  A sketch/concept plan, at minimum, is required. 

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