What can you do to protect stormwater?
You should be aware of these common pollutants and how you can help:
  • Fertilizer - Should be applied at appropriate rates and consider organic fertilizers
  • Hazardous Household Chemicals - Dispose properly
  • Herbicides and Pesticides - Use only when necessary and consider natural alternatives
  • Pet Waste (remove in parks and pickup after pets regularly
  • Pool / Spa Water - Allow water to de-chlorinate for three days before discharging
  • Sediment - Vegetate or mulch bare soil and protect dirt piles from washing away
  • Trash / Litter - Do not leave outside where it can be moved by wind or water
  • Vehicle Fluids - Take precautions not to spill and dispose properly
  • Yard Waste - Dispose of clippings appropriately and consider composting

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