Board of Adjustment and Building Board of Appeals

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Regular Meetings

* Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the Regular Meeting schedule. Please always check the calendar for the most current information.

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Purpose and Responsibilities

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears residents’ requested appeals of decisions made by the City staff in their interpretation of the City’s planning and zoning ordinances.

The Building Board of Appeals (BBA) hears appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the building official in their application interpretation of the technical provisions of the various building codes adopted by the city, and demolition of sub-standard structures.

The members listed below serve on both boards.

Board of Adjustment and Building Board of Appeals Members

Place Name Term End
Place 1 Theodore Krum 2025
Place 2 Jessica Buchanan 2022
Place 3 Kelli Rod, Vice Chair 2023
Place 4 Thelma Kobeck, Chair
Place 5 Pat Vader